Tracey Spicer


Tracey Spicer is a founding member of Women in Media.

Session: Women in Media Breakfast

TRACEY SPICER will launch the Women in Media Tasmanian Branch (WIM). Join us for breakfast as Tracey discusses her involvement with Women in Media and all its associated benefits.


  • Be part of the official launch
  • Enjoy a gourmet breakfast
  • Engage with other women working in media
  • How to join WIM
  • Making cultural change happen

Outcomes for attendees:

  • A deeper understanding of opportunties within WIM
  • Making cultural change happen
  • Networking opportunities

Session: The Freelance Collective

NINA HENDY is a freelance business journalist & wordsmith, writing both on the editorial and content sides of the fence. After cutting her teeth in regional newspapers, Nina worked in a business magazine. She began freelancing 15 years ago, heading out on her own eight years ago during the GFC. She was asked to write a weekly column with SMH media & marketing pages the following week, and hasn’t looked back.

Nina is also the founder of The Freelance Collective – an curated community of top Australian creative freelancers in 23 categories. She and a small group of Australian freelancers launched the platform to empower creative talent to be easier for clients to find online and build relationships with their clients. The Freelance Collective is also a supportive community for talent listed.

Topics Covered:

  • The origins of the Freelance Collective
  • Moving from permanent employment to freelancing
  • Freelancing remotely
  • Freelancing top tips
  • Maximising your earning potential
  • Builiding a business out of the freelance lifestyle

Outcomes for attendees:

  • A deeper understanding of freelancing
  • Finding opportunities
  • Developing an action plan

Nina Hendy

The Freelance Collective

Nina is a freelance journalist and founder of The Freelance Collective

Patrick Brown

Freelance Illustrator

Patrick is a freelance illustrator currently designing for Marvel.

Panel Session: Freelance Ilustration: What does it involve

PATRICK BROWN is a Launceston based artist. Patrick has been creating fan art for the past10 years and posting it in his online gallery. This opened up a world of opportunities and he has had numerous magazine features over the years, from the Official Playstation Magazine to ImagineFX. Patrick has been hired by companies including IO Interactive (Hitman franchise), Naughty Dog (The Last of Us), and CD Projekt Red/DeviantART (The Witcher) to do full pieces of art. His latest artwork can be found in Marvel.

Topics Covered:

  • How I became an artist
  • From fan art to working for Marvel
  • Building an audience

Outcomes for attendees:

  • A deeper understanding of working as a freelance illustrator
  • Building a portfolio
  • Fan art opportunities

Session: Lessons from the Freelancers Year

LINDY ALEXANDER is a Victorian freelance writer who regularly contributes to some of Australia's best-known and well-loved publications such as Sunday Life, delicious., The Saturday Paper and The Age/Sydney Morning Herald. She has a PhD in social work and predominantly writes about social issues, food, health and travel.

Topics Covered:

  • Making the move to full-time freelance writing
  • Pitching to editors
  • Running a small business
  • Finding opportunities through LinkedIn
  • The freelancers year blog
  • Networking

Outcomes for attendees:

  • How to find well paying freelance jobs
  • Tips on managing the freelance lifestyle
  • Juggling the dry times

Lindy Alexander

Freelance Writer

Lindy is a freelance writer

Ginger Gorman

Ginger Gorman

Freelance Journalist

Ginger Gorman is an award-winning journalist

Session: Keynote

GINGER GORMAN is an award-winning print and radio journalist based in the Australian Capital Territory. She has a cache of producing, presenting, reporting and multi-platform skills and is an adept writer, public speaker, and mentor in journalism. During her media career Ginger has worked for ABC Local Radio, ABC Emergency, Triple J, Radio Netherlands Worldwide and Fairfax Community Newspapers. Her freelance work has been published in print and online in, The Guardian, The Age, Daily Life, Mamamia and Her Canberra. In 2006 Ginger was the first ABC employee to win the prestigious World Press Institute Fellowship, based in the United States.

Topics Covered:

  • Social Media self-defence
  • Lessons from Media Bootcamp
  • How to support investigative journalism
  • Writing for multiple outlets

Outcomes for attendees:

  • Strategies to protect yourself from online harrassment
  • Professional media training
  • Self-funding opportunities

Session: Stand Up Comedy Workshop

RACHEL BERGER is one of Australia’s favourite stand-up comedians and a woman of remarkably diversified talents. In addition to playing the xylophone and carving avocado pips into small Buddhas she’s recently stopped feeling guilty. There are no cows too sacred for this Berger. “Experience her machine gun delivery and ricocheting thoughts and you realise she must be as pumped as any AFL footballer.”

Rachel has worked variously as a comedian, broadcaster, novelist, columnist, agitator and television entertainer. She’s taken four solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and her dynamic presence and engagingly sharp observations have made her an extremely popular performer both live and on television, across Australia and overseas. Rachel's high public profile has done much to establish the position of women in comedy providing a distinctive voice for women's opinions and viewpoints.


Rachel Berger

Comedian and writer

Rachel Berger is a comedian and novelist

Ginger Gorman

Sue White

Digital Nomad and Travel Writer

Sue White is co-founder of Media Bootcamp

Session: Digital Nomads

SUE WHITE is an Australian freelance journalist whose work has been published everywhere from ABC to Vogue. She writes weekly for the SMH and The Age, and has interviewed everyone from media doyenne Ita Buttrose through to Julian Assange’s lawyer. Sue is also a widely published travel writer and columnist, member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers, and is currently the resident travel writing expert on ABC Evenings radio in NSW and the ACT.

A skilled freelancer who understands how to develop multiple income streams, Sue also operates Media Bootcamp (a media training business with journalist Ginger Gorman) and teaches at the Australian Writers’ Centre. Today, government bodies and businesses regularly snap up her copywriting skills, offered via her copywriting business, The Comms Collective.

Topics Covered:

  • Travel Writing 101
  • Building multiple income streams as a freelancer
  • The Digital Nomad lifestyle
  • Media Bootcamp tips & tricks

Outcomes for attendees:

  • Pitching stories to the media
  • Professional media training
  • Nailing your media interview

Session: Trade your office for Bali

Lincoln and Ryan Trainor are digital nomads and entrepreneurs. Having made his first fortune in education and training, Ryan Trainor is hoping to pass what he’s learnt to the next breed of entrepreneurs. Ryan and Lincoln have also established B School and Udify with the aim of making education accessable and affordable to a worldwide audience.

Topics Covered:

  • Working from anywhere, anytime
  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Building a team
  • Networking

Outcomes for attendees:

  • Essential skills for digital nomads
  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Business advice


Ryan & Lincoln Trainor

Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs

Ryan and Lincoln are co-owners of Bschool

Anna Dusk & Johanna Baker-Dowdell

Johanna Baker-Dowdell & Anna Dusk

Journalist and Author

Anna Dusk is an author and Johanna Baker Dowdell is a journalist

Panel Session: Books & publishing: How to manage a major writing project.

Panel discussion moderated by Chris Gallagher

ANNA DUSK: Since get-go I have known I was a writer – but destiny does not mean an easy path. In-human was published in 2010 (Transit Lounge) after 8 years searching for a publisher. I finished the sequel How much a human body contains a few years back, and it is yet to be published. I write about teenage werewolves who live in the Midlands of Tasmania. These novels are illustrated fairy tales for adults. They are confronting and strange.

JOHANNA BAKER-DOWDELL: is a writer, journalist and public relations consultant who successfully published her book, Business & Baby on Board, using crowd funding. Johanna will share her story of running a crowd funding campaign twice on the website Pozible, as well as the benefits of building an online network for writers and creators.

Topics Covered:

  • Traditional publishing vs self-publishing
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Running a crowd funding campaign
  • Building online networks

Outcomes for attendees:

  • How to self-publish
  • Pros and cons of self-publishing
  • Traditional publishing options

Panel Session - Gatherings: Curating and running events, and why they’re great business

CHRIS GALLAGHER is the Director of the Tasmanian Writers Centre, and has worked widely across the literature sector as well as in theatre and the film industry. She holds an Honours degree in English Language and Literature (Sydney University) and was Founding Director of the Australian Script Centre. She was the Director of the Victorian Writers’ Centre (now Writers Victoria) and an advisor with Screen Tasmania. Her passion is to facilitate powerful storytelling and to engage with diverse communities. Chris began her career working with Hobson’s Press in Cambridge, UK. She was awarded an Asialink residency in 2013/14 with the Jaipur Literature Festival in India.

LIZ FRANKHAM is passionate about Arts and Culture, and its ability to add economic value and livability to one’s Place. She knows the value of working collaboratively, and that arts and culture can lead the charge to drive economic growth and activate Launceston and the north.

Liz has extensive experience in project management, tourism, and the arts., and has worked with many of Tasmania’s leading arts organisations., from MONA in the south to The Glover Art Prize in the north. She is currently the Chair of Junction Arts Festival and one of the organisers of Effervescence Tasmania, the annual celebration of Tasmania’s top sparkling wines.

Topics Covered:

  • Establishing an event
  • Finding sponsorship
  • Scheduling
  • Organsing speakers

Outcomes for attendees:

  • How to run a succesful event
  • Promoting and marketing an event
  • Tips and tricks to managing an event

Chris Gallagher & Liz Frankham

Chris Gallagher is Director of the Tasmanian Writers Centre.
Liz Frankham is currently the Chair of Junction Arts Festival

Adam Portelli & Katelin Mcinerney

Adam Portelli & Katelin Mcinerney

MEAA Directors

Katelin Mcinerney is Director, Media and Adam Portelli is the Director of the Victorian and Tasmanian branches

Session: MEAA Business Skills Primer

KATELIN MCINERNEY: Katelin graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2004 with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours). An internship at the Illawarra Mercury turned into a full-time appointment, as education reporter, and she also covered news, features and community during her time with the paper. Katelin won a national award for her writing on education for the Mercury. Katelin joined MEAA as an organiser in 2009, become the national lead organiser in 2012, and stepped up as director in 2015. She is passionate about protecting the rights of creative professionals.

ADAM PORTELLI: Before joining MEAA, Adam worked as an employment lawyer and with the National Union of Workers (NUW) in Melbourne in a variety of roles including as a Lead Organiser and National industrial officer.

At the NUW he led major industrial campaigns in a variety of industries, including food and manufacturing. He was also involved in that NUW’s campaign to unionise farm workers, advocating on their behalf and securing bargaining rights for them.

Topics Covered:

  • What are you worth?
  • ABNs, fees, tax
  • Negotiating payment
  • Payment rates

Outcomes for attendees:

  • Essential busiiness skills
  • Protecting your rights
  • Freelance pay scales

Workshop - Reporting Islam

JACQUI EWART is an Associate Professor at Griffith University. Jacqui was a journalist and media manager for a decade and has researched and written about news media coverage of cultural diversity and Muslims for more than 20 years.

She is the leader of the award winning Reporting Islam project, which is developing resources to help journalists when reporting on stories involving Muslims. Jacqui is the author of Haneef: A Question of Character and co-author of Media Framing of the Muslim World: Conflicts, Crises and Contexts. She also researches communication before during and after disasters.

Topics Covered:

  • Reporting Islam overview
  • Journalists and cultural sensitivity
  • Exploration of stereotypes
  • Develop resources and reporting tips

Outcomes for attendees:

  • An understandin of The Reporting Islam research outcomes
  • Strategies to help you report fairly, accurately, and ethically
  • The toolkit to report news and events in an informative and inclusive way.

Jacqui Ewart

Associate Professor at Griffith University

A/Prof Jacqui Ewart is the chief investigator for the project